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a friend who'll tease is better

Ruby, the pink grasshopper~
5 July
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| 001| This is Gallifrey

Ruby; girl of many names; 25; brazilian; cancer; straight; single; lawyer; fanfiction writer; fanartist wannabe; fashionista; recovering shopaholic; former website owner; roleplaying addict; cosplayer; half-ass actress; adores pink; Disney maniac; former CLAMP-a-holic; sees CLAMP everywhere; angst whore; doom magnet; kills favorite characters; worships, idolizes, loves and ultimately fangirls over Clow Reed; has been completely obsessed over the Clow/Yuuko pairing for a few years; does not accept any other pairing involving either Clow or Yuuko; is pretty sure Clow/Yuuko will be an obsession forever; rawrs and bites; goes on kitty mode; purrs and paws; collects stuffed animals and plushies of all sorts; still needs more plushies; overprotective of her friends; cry-baby; very much silly; social butterfly; kinda nerdy; adorkable; has Mama Bear tendencies; is a pit of mood swings; has a weird sense of humor; cynical; sarcastic; plays with Photoshop every now and then; loves fighting games; Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur are favorites; Nintendo girl; pokemaniac; has a preference for Fire-type Pokemon; formerly wishing for a pink DS; has a pink DSi; Pokemon Platinum and SoulSilver are favorites; loves the internetz; needs sugar for life; sucks at cooking; swears like omg; drinks occasionally; likes playing Yuuko; likes playing Yuuko in real life; collects real life slaves and servants; loves the sea; loves snow; loves water in general; wants to be a sparkly watergirl; J-Pop/Rock fan; X-Japan owns her life; will love you if you love her; doesn't care if you gratuitously hate her; will try to conquer the world tonight.
| 002 | Our Childhood

→ xxxHOLiC, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and Cardcaptor Sakura; CLAMP works in general; Pokemon; Jigoku Shoujo; Doctor Who; InuYasha; Pirates of the Caribbean; Disney works in general; Ayashi no Ceres; Zettai Kareshi; Fushigi Yuugi; Yuu Watase works in general; Ouran High School Club; Friends; Pokemon; Mortal Kombat.

→ Ichihara Yuuko; Watanuki Kimihiro; Mokona Larg Modoki; Kunogi Himawari; Clow/Yuuko; Mokona Soel Modoki; Princess Sakura; Syaoran/Sakura; Clow Reed; Akizuki Nakuru (Ruby Moon); Enma Ai; Ai/Sentarou; the Master; Donna Noble; Doctor/Master; Kikyou; Naraku; Sesshoumaru/Kikyou; Jack Sparrow; Ceres; Ceres/Mikagi; Soshi; Soi; Nakago; Nakago/Soi; Renge Houshakuji; Nekozawa/Renge; Chandler; Rachel; Ross/Rachel; Cynthia; Gary Oak; Cynthia/Lucian; Princess Kitana; Kitana/Liu Kang.
| 003 | Our home

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